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​My Behavior & Yours

  • Growing up on the elite ranches of Texas allowed me to have a mixture of acceptingness and personality. Extensive etiquette courses refined my essence and behavior, but running barefoot in the fields taught me to never take life too seriously.  I always strive to embody the perfect Texas Hospitality.

  • In short, I will always behave appropriately at our planned event, whether that be at a ball game or a banquet.  I hope are able to afford me the same courtesy.


  • Deposits of 20%  are required for all local meetings. 

  • Fly me to you, and travel trips require a 25% deposit + Hotel + Flight/Travel

  • Deposits are non-refundable. On the very rare occasion that I cancel our date, the deposit is refundable.

  • Deposits can be placed with CashApp, Venmo, or Amazon Gift Card. PayPal or Zelle for any deposit over $1000. 

  • Deposits for future dates can always be discussed and given in cash if currently in a meeting.


  • I adore receiving requests for outfits, lingerie, or light roleplay. Though I will ask before our meeting, please feel free to volunteer ideas or request you would like to experience during our time together.


  • Please place my donation in an unsealed envelope on the nearest counter when we meet. If meeting in public, please place it inside a card or a gift.​

Discretion and Correspondence

  • When corresponding with me, please refrain from using vulgar and explicit language. Any use of such language will result in your message being ignored and future contact being cut off. Discretion is extremely important to me. Information shared between us will remain between us, and I expect the same from you as well.​


  • As you expect me to be timely for our sessions, I expect the same from you. Though I understand that life circumstances may arise, please do your best to let me know if your plans change. If new friends cancel the first session, a larger deposit will be required for a future session.

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