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Spoil the Lady Why Dont you?


Though additional gifts aren't expected, if you desire to please me before the fun starts I always appreciate a man who loves to pamper a woman. 
I have compiled an array of some items that have been on my watch list.


Perhaps you'd like to pick out exactly what you'd like me to wear on our date, or with my recent move you are eager to help me with restocking my home essentials. 

You can find my wishlist for just about everything here on my Luxy List, it has easy & discrete options for purchasing and sending. 


For home items, like my favorite body soap, kitchen supplies, and re-upping on my coffee & tea, you can find my Amazon Wishlist Here 

If you want to help a girl live her dream lifestyle-- I'm currently digging a new bed frame from Arhaus

$$ Options

Whether you simply prefer gifting an unexpected envelope or need to place your deposit. I do accept many forms of gifts.
My links below for my Cashapp, Venmo, Amazon Giftcard, American Airlines Gift
Please Make Out all Gift Cards to:

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