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About Me


Isn't it a coincidence that here you were searching the net for the perfect busty companion, and somehow you found me?
Waiting and ready-- already encompassing your desires.

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Simone,
I am elusive yet outgoing— refreshing and stress-free. My calm personality with a hint of humor keeps smiles on people's faces around me.
My daily routine is methodical & tidy (eldest child complex). You will witness that I take my artistry of companionship fervently. Those closest to me would describe me as clever & sophisticated, yet erotic and arousing, with whip-smart humor. 
I'm a diligent, overachieving woman who conducts myself with an unparalleled eagerness in anything I consider consequential-- which could be meeting you... 

My sensual side is incomparable yet insatiable. It's something that appears in me when a connection is discovered with the discerning gentleman, who appreciates genuine companionship as much as I do
Behind closed doors, I tend to be sexy and erotic, with an appetite to please, yet also be pleased.
For me— this is mutual gratification. 
I am also FKA as Tia Tatum

Well, Hello There,


If a smooth operator was really a thing, we might be kin. I am very easygoing and can flow with any situation. I find joy in many things, from sightseeing to plays, to shopping to a simple upscale dinner. As long as I am with you, I'll be having a great time.


Masters level education & I'm also lingually ultra-stimulating lol.

I'm in the psychology field. 

I'll elaborate; I obtained my Masters of Science a few years ago which opened up my world to higher education, higher educated individuals, & extensive research opportunities. Though I do not thoroughly practice putting my degrees to use, I have found them to come in quite handy in many other ways of life. Especially the path I currently walk, if you get my drift.


Background & Interest:
I'm blessed to have grown up with an above-standard lifestyle, not wishing for much. 
Growing up in rural Texas, my family did the best to send us to 'the big city' for better education; however, every extended break, weekend, holiday, etc. This contributed to some of my best childhood memories of being on the ranch. 
I am focused on my life's goals yet never take myself too seriously. Things sometimes move fast in my current companionship lifestyle, but I always take time and enjoy putting my feet in the grass. 

Playing varsity tennis throughout school and looking for something more low-impact, I've picked up golf over the last few years and have found myself a natural.
Currently at a handicap of 14- working on getting it down to 10 or so.

I also participate in tennis sometimes if I can find a good play partner, my Peloton is what keeps me in shape most other times when I can't hit the course or it's just a little too cold outside. If the weather permits, I love a good trail run or hike. 

The luxury parts of me—
I am a woman in all terms of the word, form, and essence, and I love a good spa treatment. My favorite experience was the Waldorf Astoria Pedregal Hotel Spa in Cabo San Lucas. I will always have well-manicured nails and toes (pretty feet and having my toes suckable at all times are non-negotiable).
Luxuries in life are not something that I am foreign to, and I have been able to distinguish my favorite brands and stores. Like my grandmother, I'm always a sucker for a beautiful pair of Manolos. Honorable mention to Jimmy Choo. 
My current favorite jewelry designers are Tiffany and Co. and VanCleef Arpels.


Of course, I'm an amalgamate (mixed), but what American black woman isn't?
I identify as blackity, black, black, BLACK.

I am quite the gourmand and even have Specially Curated Packages tailored to my foodie tendencies. My favorite things to eat are Sushi, Thai Food, Mediterranean, Italian, and the standard American greasy burger & french fries!


  • Based: Washington, DC (NOVA)

  • Hobbies: Traveling, Tennis, Exercising (Peloton & Pilates), Real Estate, Reading, Texas countryside, Spa Days, and 9 holes of Golf on a Sunny day. 
  • Drinks: Reisling, Lemon Drop Martini, or a French 75

  • Sign: Taurus

  • Age: Early Thirties

  • Education: Masters of Science

  • Height: 5’3

  • Eye Color: Deep Brown

  • Body Type: Slim Thick

  • Dress Size: Waist- 4 Dis A$$- 8

  • Breast Size: 34DDD/E

  • Body Piercings: Ears

  • Tattoos: One

  • Smokes: No


Personal Favorites

Enjoyments ​& Hobbies 

Romance: A man who knows how to kiss, perks if he can eat pussy too. Cuddles, forhead kisses, being surprised with flowers or something you remebered I mentioned. My Love Lauguages are Touch, Gift Receiving/Giving, and Acts of Service

Active Life: Tennis | Exercising (Peloton & Pilates) | Real Estate & learning all I can about how to close the best deals | Texas countryside & all it comes with 

Adrenaline sports: Jet Skis, 4 Wheelers, Bunjee Jumping, Sky Diving, Deep Sea Fishing,  Snorkeling, & Shooting my 9mm at the range. 

Leisure: Spas that have not only a split gendered area but comingle area preferable with an adult-only poolside view | Curated Shopping trips to Louis Vuttion or Nordstroms | Nine holes of Golf on a Sunny day | Sipping margaritas beachside in a foreign country | Luxury Skin Care I do have a 8 step routine | Bi Weekly blowouts because I deserve it. 

PlayStation 4: All time favorite games being: The Last of Us, Sonic, Jack and Dexter, Mortal Combat X, and Infamous. 

Movies: SciFi is above and beyond my favorite genre. I will take a post-apocalyptic film over a Rom-Com any day... 

Some of my favorites are: Children of Men, Star Wars, Star Trek, (Star Trek>Star Wars), X-Men, Last King of Scottland, Predator Franchise, Blade, Alien, The Matrix, John Wick, Constantine, & Lord of The Rings (my favorite Character is Smaug)

TV Shows: Naked and Afraid, Game of Thrones, West World, 

Cartoons & Anime: Avatar the last Airbender, Korra (seasons 3&4 are best), Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, Teen Titans (the original)

Music: Music: I listen to a bit of everything, from Bachata, to Country, to Southern Trap, to R & B to Pop. I even have a few favorite Kpop bands. My favorites are BEYONCE, Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, Romeo Santos, Ozuna, Boosie, Webbie, Kodak Black, Jagged Edge, Outkast, Lil Wayne, & Trina.. 

Other Little Facts

Favorite Colors: Sage Green, Tangerine Orange, and Cerulean Blue 

Favorite Cars: Infinity Q60, Porsche Cayenne, Ford Raptors, Jeep Gladiators, BMW X6

Favorite Day of the week: Monday | Favorite day for dates: Thursday

Favorite Designers: Jimmy Choo, Giovanni Rossi, Karen Millen, Chanel, Louis Vuttion, 

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