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aka Rates

ATTN: You may have noticed a change in my rates!

At this time, I am still honoring my prior rates if:
Familiar: If we have met on a date within the last 12 months
Seasoned Reviewer: On TER or PD only (need to have 3 prior reviews)

Thank you for your continued support!

I hope to become your favorite intimate investment soon.. 
Listed below are my considerations for my time.
Amounts apply to DMV & Exclusive Travel Dates

Host at a Private, Discrete, & Upscale Incall
located in Arlington, Virginia.  


Shorter Tryst
"Steamy Introductions"  (1.5 Hrs) - $950
"Becoming FWB"  (2 Hrs) - $1200

"Dinner/Lunch Date" (4 Hrs) - $1800

"Dinner and Dessert" (6 Hrs) - $2000
"On Cloud Nine"  (Overnight) - $3500
"The Weekender"  (48ish Hrs) - $6800

"Wisk Me Away" (72hrs +) - 10000+
Sidenote: While I enjoy the haste and passion of shorter dates, the intimacy and learning of each other on longer dates will always be my favorite. I try to ensure my consideration amounts reflect the tryst I prefer!

All  local Dates require a 20% Deposit to get penciled in.
All travel 40-100 miles away consists of a $300 travel fee. 
Cash, ETH, BTC & Credit Cards are accepted. 


Trip To Greece (2hr Min) - $400

Golden Water Fall  - $150

In-Date Extention - $800

Other Fetish -  (Inquire)

*Passport Ready

*Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) are able to be completed and are binding for any chosen and discussed length of time;

Please inquire if interested $1000+

Travel Companionship 

Fly Me To You


I adore traveling and am always passport-ready to travel domestically or internationally.

50% Deposit + Business/First Class Flight $+ 4/5 Star Hotel Accommodation $(if not staying with you) are required to confirm the date 

Travel Requirements
East Coast - 2 hr Minimum 

West Coast - 6 hr Minimum 

Texas / Anything in Between - 4 hr Minimum  

International - 24 hr Minimum 


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