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Travel Companionship 


Fly Me To You

I've been lucky enough to travel the world by myself-- and have also been to many places with a romantic suitor in hand. These are some of my best memories, and I am really looking forward to creating more!

I adore traveling and am always passport-ready to travel domestically or internationally.

I do have a destination wishlist;  let's see if we can have some fun with this!

Considerations include travel and hotel costs. 12hr notice requested to plan accordingly.

FMTY is available and are often my preferred types of dates. ​

25% Deposit + Flight cost + Hotel Cost (if not staying with you) are required to confirm the date 

"The Genesis of Us" (Up to 3 Hrs) - $2000
"Dinner and Dessert"  (Up to 6 Hrs - $3000
"On Cloud Nine"  (14 Hr Overnight) - $4500
"Girlfriend for a day"  (24 Hrs -Includes Overnight) - $5500
"Creme de La Creme"  (48ish Hrs) - $6000
"Executive Level" (roughly 7 days give or take) $9000 


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