From social lingerings to long romantic dinners. Or perhaps having me as a travel companion is more your style..

My rates are a composite of my time and the experience of my companionship - any interactions that occur during our time together are actions of 2 consenting adults


Please note there is a 90-minute minimum for all dates.


Extended Dates
From the night until the morn, I'm exclusively yours.
Overnight $2500
48 Hrs $4000

Lunch or Dinner
An amazing build-up of intimacy over an outing leads to the most succulent dessert.Outing for 90min lunch date included in time.
Clock Free Lunch (3hrs-ish)  $1000
Clock Free Dinner (4hrs-ish) $1300

Your Work Day Delight 
An exciting introduction for the gentleman whose spare time is short, 
but his need for exciting intimacy is long.
 Up to 90 Minutes $600
2hrs $800
3hrs (no outing) $1200

Social Dates
For the gentleman who wants to get to know me first or a returning suitor who simply wants an attractive dining companion.
Public outing only.

Lunch, Dinner or Shopping  $400

Fly Me To You 

Consist of travel to anywhere in the continental US, Mexico, & Canada

90 Minutes  $1,400

Dinner & More  $1,400

Overnight  $2,500

24hrs  $3,000

48hrs $4,000

1 Week $8,000

Drive Me To You

Consist of Drives to: Houston, San Antonio, Austin, OKC, Ok Casinos 


90 Minutes $1,200

Dinner & More  $1,400

Overnight  $2,500

Touring Rates

90 Minutes $800

2hrs $1000

3hrs $1500

Overnight  $2,500


Extra features can be added to any date 2hrs or Longer 

Trip To Greece $250

Golden Water Fall $150

In-Date Extention $500

Couples (2hr minimum) $300

Fetish (Inquire)

I am a Texas girl, & will always consider Dallas my home. However, I love to travel & do so pretty frequently.

If you would like to see me in your city, contact me about setting up an Exclusive travel date!

One perk: The consideration amounts are the same as my Texas rates! 

In addition to the donation amount, flights and hotel stays are expected to be covered as well.

If interested please shoot me an email to: MeetSimoneArcher@gmail.com

*Passport Ready

*A deposit of: 20% of the rate + Flight cost is required to finalize the date.

*Kindly add $300 if you require extra discretion & would like me to book a hotel room

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