Well, Hello There, 

I'm not sure how you found my website, but I'm ecstatic that you did!
Allow me to introduce myself-- My name is Simone,
Elusive yet outgoing— refreshing and stress-free. My calm personality with a hint of humor keeps smiles on people's faces around me.
My daily routine is methodical & tidy (eldest child complex). You will witness that I take my artistry of companionship fervently. Those closest to me would describe me as clever & sophisticated, yet erotic and arousing. 
I'm a diligent, overachieving woman who conducts myself with an unparalleled eagerness in anything I consider consequential-- which could be meeting you... 

My sensual side is incomparable yet insatiable. It's something that appears in me when a connection is discovered with the discerning gentleman, who appreciates genuine companionship as much as I do

Behind closed doors, I tend to be sexy and erotic, with an appetite to please, yet be pleased, for me— this is mutual gratification. 

I am also FKA as Tia Tatum

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