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Well, Hello There, 

Isn't it a coincidence that here you were searching the net for the perfect busty companion, and somehow you found me?

Waiting and ready-- already encompassing your desires.

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Simone,
I am elusive yet outgoing— refreshing and stress-free. My calm personality with a hint of humor keeps smiles on people's faces around me.
My daily routine is methodical & tidy (eldest child complex). You will witness that I take my artistry of companionship fervently. Those closest to me would describe me as clever & sophisticated, yet erotic and arousing, with whip-smart humor. 
I'm a diligent, overachieving woman who conducts myself with an unparalleled eagerness in anything I consider consequential-- which could be meeting you... 

My sensual side is incomparable yet insatiable. It's something that appears in me when a connection is discovered with the discerning gentleman, who appreciates genuine companionship as much as I do

Behind closed doors, I tend to be sexy and erotic, with an appetite to please, yet also be pleased.

For me— this is mutual gratification. 

I am also FKA as Tia Tatum


Quick Figures

  • Based: Washington, DC (NOVA) 

  • Drinks:  Sweet Tea, Sparking Water, Reisling, Spicy Margaritas,  or a French 75

  • Sign: Taurus

  • Age: Early Thirties

  • Education: Masters of Science in Psychology

  • Height: 5’3

  • Eye Color: Deep Brown

  • Body Type: Slim Thick

  • Dress Size: Waist- 4 Dis A$$- 8

  • Breast Size: 34DDD

  • Body Piercings: Ears

  • Tattoos: One

  • Smokes: No


Personal Favorites

Enjoyments ​& Hobbies 

Romance: A man who knows how to kiss, perks if he can eat pussy too. Cuddles, forhead kisses, being surprised with flowers or something you remebered I mentioned. My Love Lauguages are Touch, Gift Receiving/Giving, and Acts of Service

Active Life: Tennis | Exercising (Peloton & Pilates) | Real Estate & learning all I can about how to close the best deals | Texas countryside & all it comes with 

Adrenaline sports: Jet Skis, 4 Wheelers, Bunjee Jumping, Sky Diving, Deep Sea Fishing,  Snorkeling, & Shooting my 9mm at the range. 

Leisure: Spas that have not only a split gendered area but comingle area preferable with an adult-only poolside view | Curated Shopping trips to Louis Vuttion or Nordstroms | Nine holes of Golf on a Sunny day | Sipping margaritas beachside in a foreign country | Luxury Skin Care I do have a 8 step routine | Bi Weekly blowouts because I deserve it. 

PlayStation 4: All time favorite games being: The Last of Us, Sonic, Jack and Dexter, Mortal Combat X, and Infamous. 

Movies: SciFi is above and beyond my favorite genre. I will take a post-apocalyptic film over a Rom-Com any day... 

Some of my favorites are: Children of Men, Star Wars, Star Trek, (Star Trek>Star Wars), X-Men, Last King of Scottland, Predator Franchise, Blade, Alien, The Matrix, John Wick, Constantine, & Lord of The Rings (my favorite Character is Smaug)

TV Shows: Naked and Afraid, Game of Thrones, West World, 

Cartoons & Anime: Avatar the last Airbender, Korra (seasons 3&4 are best), Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, Teen Titans (the original)

Music: Music: I listen to a bit of everything, from Bachata, to Country, to Southern Trap, to R & B to Pop. I even have a few favorite Kpop bands. My favorites are BEYONCE, Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, Romeo Santos, Ozuna, Boosie, Webbie, Kodak Black, Jagged Edge, Outkast, Lil Wayne, & Trina.. 

Other Little Facts

Favorite Colors: Sage Green, Tangerine Orange, and Cerulean Blue 

Favorite Cars: Infinity Q60, Porsche Cayenne, Ford Raptors, Jeep Gladiators, BMW X6

Favorite Day of the week: Monday | Favorite day for dates: Thursday

Favorite Designers: Jimmy Choo, Giovanni Rossi, Karen Millen, Chanel, Louis Vuttion, 

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